Brokerage: Contracts, Training & Resources

At Digital BGA, we’re committed to transforming your life insurance business into a highly profitable online telesales agency. We provide invaluable technology, lead opportunities, and training that you can't get anywhere else.

In a sea of over 300 BGA's to choose from, we provide unbeatable value to the online telesales life insurance agent.

The reason some agents are successful when selling life insurance over the phone and others aren’t is simple... successful agents had enough runway to figure it out.

Through our proprietary training, technology and resources, we’ll shorten your time to success and give you a path to scale your business.


Never "test" a lead source again, we've eliminated that risk from your business. Gain access to profitable lead sources, including our own self-generated search engine generated leads you can’t get anywhere else.

+ lead bonus

Every agent gets the highest commission a carrier will pay an agent direct on over 30 telesales friendly carriers. Schedule a call with us and if we're a good fit, we'll send you our one and only commission grid.

On top of that, we have a lead bonus program to fuel your business even more. We bonus agents every month when you place a certain amount of premium.

Efficient eApp
backed by
proactive case

Online telesales agents should not be spending their time on non-revenue producing tasks. When you submit an application through an eApp system, our case management team takes it from there with 100% transparency. We’ll follow up on exams, APS and any requirements that come up in underwriting on your behalf.

to help you
sell more life

We continue to build upon our proprietary technology to help you sell more life insurance over the phone.

Here’s one example:
You know how when you’re talking to someone on the phone that has a condition you’re not familiar with? We can help with that immediately, while you're still on the phone. Our proprietary field underwriting search tool can help you sound like an expert, ask the right questions, and know what to quote. Simply type in the impairment and get the result INSTANTLY.

sales, marketing,
product & field

When you come on board, we immediately give you foundational training that will cut your learning curve dramatically and make you feel confident that you know what you’re doing moving forward. You’ll know what takes most agents years to figure out and will fast-track you to success. Included is sales, marketing, business and product training.

to accelerate
generating your
own leads.

True freedom in this business is being in control of your lead source by generating leads yourself and not being dependent on a 3rd party. For those that want to go this route, we have training and hands on mentorship to get you there.

“Fringe” No
Exam Telesales

We have products most BGA’s don’t have simply because they’re made for online and telesales distribution and that’s our core business. These are the types of specialty markets products that will differentiate you over competitors who don’t have access to these fringe products. (Any interest in an instant decision non-med term to $500k?)

We have our pulse on these limited distribution products and typically get them to our agent base first.

Bottom Line

Of the many choices you have to align yourself with, we distinguish ourselves by serving the online and telesales life insurance agent and we will continue to add more value to this segment of the industry.