American Amicable
Mutual of Omaha
The Savvy Producer
= The BEST Mortgage Protection TELESALES Platform

When you take DigitalBGA’s technology, sales systems, proactive case management, agent support and direct carrier contracts (higher commissions for you!) and combine in with…

Jason Richter’s SavvyProducer Mortgage Protection Telesales Course and the highest quality Mortgage Protection leads the telesales industry has seen…

You get a $50,000+ per MONTH AP opportunity.

The PREMIERE Telesales Mortgage Protection Lead

We’ve organized the most powerful Mortgage Protection telesales lead the industry has ever seen.

Yes…even in this high interest rate market where new mortgages and refi’s have plummeted. Being in telesales gives us an advantage of marketing to state-wide data instead of a local area.

Here’s how it works…

You place a Direct Mail lead order at $800 per 1,000 mailers. With our phone number call to action (instead of business reply mail) and fresh data feeds, you can expect a 1.6%-2.2% response rate which translates to a $36-$50 cost per lead.

When the homeowner calls in from the direct mail card, they enter their unique Mortgage ID printed on the card. At that point a symphony of integrated databases, webhooks and API’s all get to work to deliver a lead within minutes directly into your DigitalBGA CRM lead queue. 15%-20% of the time, the homeowner presses 1 to speak with an agent and that phone is programmed to go directly to you.

On the lead posted to your CRM, you get a confirmed first name, last name, phone number, full address, lender and mortgage amount.

And instead of waiting for weeks for Mortgage Protection leads to trickle in, you’ll start getting them within 1 week of placing your order.

Mortgage Protection Telesales Mastery Training

DigitalBGA has partnered with Jason Richter (The Savvy Producer) to bring you a masterful sales presentation script, underwriting guides and sales checklists.

Including over 15 step by step videos covering topics like:

  • Getting Started in Mortgage Protection Sales
  • Sales Principals
  • Pricing & Affordability
  • Advanced Pricing Strategies
  • Closing the Sale
  • Application, Cool-Down & Follow Up
Mortgage Protection Training

In addition to the best Mortgage Protection Course the industry has ever seen, you’ll get access to live training every week by Jason who writes $25k+ per week on these leads.

And in addition to that, you’ll get access to DigitalBGA support through access to live chat to interact and learn with other agents throughout your day.

Even if you’ve never sold Mortgage Protection before, you’ll be in a position to thrive right out of the gate with the training and resources available to you

Commission Levels

We have direct contracts with all the companies we work with which allows us to offer you very high starting commission levels since there’s no hierarchies between DigitalBGA and the carrier.

Here are some of our core carriers:

American Amicable

Home Protector


Family Freedom Term


Strong Foundation

Mutual of Omaha

Term Life Express


Turbo Term


Living Legacy Final Expense

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. On a carrier by carrier basis, once you place $6,000 inforce 3 months in a row with a single carrier, we’ll increase that carrier to 115%. $10,000 AP will be 120%. $15,000 AP will be 125%. You can skip right to the top levels as well.

If you already have mortgage protection contracts higher than 110% contract levels with these carriers, we’ll ask for proof of mortgage protection production to align with the numbers above. If you have lower contract levels, please understand most carriers won’t let us increase your commission until 6 months after a transfer.

It depends. Leads will be resold as B Leads (1 time only!) IF:

1. No activity for 30 days as registered in the CRM. If a sale is made, they will NEVER be re-sold.

2. Business is written outside of DigitalBGA contracts

As long as you’re an active producer with DigitalBGA, these leads are exclusive.

You’ll ALWAYS have access to the leads you purchased. If a lead is re-sold, it’s simply duplicated 1 time only. In Mortgage Protection, it’s common to re-sell all leads 20+ times!

If you’re an independent agent, you can qualify to recruit to this platform by writing $20k+/mo, 3 months in a row. You must demonstrate success to be a recruiter.

If you have an actively producing Mortgage Protection downline and want to bring them to this platform, we need to see proof of production in Mortgage Protection from your downline and we can discuss from there.

It depends. Agents are writing anywhere from 12% to 33% of their “unique” leads. We say “unique” because this does NOT include spouse sales, referrals or cross sales.

Average premium is over $1,000.

If you can follow the training and scripting, then YES. In fact we prefer working with those who don’t have Mortgage Protection experience so there hasn’t been any bad habits developed.

Do You Qualify?

In order to join us, we have these requirements:

  1. All Mortgage Protection contracts must be with DigitalBGA. No exceptions. We are not a lead vendor, we’re an IMO. We provide high quality leads to our partnered agents.

  2. Make an initial purchase of $1600 worth of leads which translates to a 2,000 piece mail drop. You can make purchases as low as $800 per 1,000 pieces moving forward.

  3. Must sign our Independent Producer Agreement (IPA). This is a simple contract that states you’re independent, will act in good faith with our carriers and will take care of any chargeback debt you may accrue. It also states that DigitalBGA will release your contracts if you find this platform isn’t for you. All DigitalBGA agents have to sign this during onboarding.

Next steps are to click the link below and pay the initial lead deposit of $1600 for a 2,000 piece mail drop. You’ll get immediate access to onboarding (contracting + IPA agreement) and the entire training course.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone first, please email