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When you join DigitalBGA, you’re immediately plugged into a community of independent life insurance agents scaling their businesses.

  • Build on the experience of 300+ digital life insurance agents. (It’s not cheating, it’s efficient!)
  • Learn how others solve the exact problems you’re struggling with.
  • Tap the community in real-time for answers while you’re on the phone with a prospect.

You’ll never be alone in this business again…Sorry, Introverts!

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Final Expense Telesales
  • TV Call Ins, Web Leads
  • Top level contracts
  • Daily live telesales training

ACA Telesales
  • $2 Exclusive Real Time Leads
  • Top contracts
  • Live training and daily support


A powerful CRM proven to increase sales

This technology was built by life insurance telesales agents and continues to improve every month with feedback from the community. There’s nothing like it available on the market and is a profit maximizer.

  • Dialer, email and SMS automations.
  • Reports on contact, sales, dials, talk time and placement ratios.
  • All calls recorded, one click quoting, field underwriting and bank account verifications built in.
Amazon Web Services
Ninja Quoter
Blacklist Alliance

Bulletproof Compliance

Telesales can be a lawsuit waiting to happen if you’re not careful.

Agents with DigitalBGA have ZERO liability to TCPA and HIPAA compliance – the 2 big risks to telesales agents.

TCPA Compliance

If you’re working any DigitalBGA lead in our platform, you have ZERO liability to TCPA lawsuits. That includes DNC violations.

Our technology doesn’t allow you to call leads outside of TCPA restricted hours in each state. It also doesn’t allow you to call a lead over 90 days old without an established business relationship per TCPA rules.

Furthermore, our leads are all TCPA compliant. We generate the leads internally here at DigitalBGA and abide by all TCPA laws and use the latest technologies to take TCPA compliance even further.

HIPAA Compliance

We use Amazon Web Service (AWS) utility based cloud services to process, maintain and store protected health information. AWS’ risk management program has higher security standards than the HIPAA Security Rule. In other words, we’re HIPAA compliant.

With all agents on DigitalBGA’s platform being HIPAA compliant, it’s unlocked several competitive products to be available to sell over the phone that were typically only allowed to be sold face to face or in controlled call center environments. Giving DigitalBGA agents access to competitive products and/or much more relaxed signature options.

Ready For A Change?

The DigitalBGA Mission Statement: Life is short. Be great. Do good. Take care of others.
DigitalBGA life insurance telesales platform has transformed so many agent’s businesses by simply questioning everything that exists and making it better.


About DigitalBGA

DigitalBGA is a data driven, technology forward BGA that connects independent life insurance agents with the best technology, leads, training, processes and products available for telesales.

Simply put, our team is pushing the industry forward behind the scenes in order to empower the agent partners we serve.

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