Final Expense Platform

An Unbeatable Final Expense Telesales Platform

  • A powerful final expense focused sales automation software to help you write more business at NO COST.
  • Highly profitable PreQualified Callbacks and TV Call Ins
  • Top contracts combined with a conservation team to take care of all your NSF’s and pending lapses.

Some of Our Final Expense Carriers

American Amicable
Royal Neighbors of America
Mutual of Omaha
Prosperity Life
Liberty Bankers
Greek Catholic Union
Great Western
Gerber Life

The DigitalBGA Final Expense telesales experience will equip you with the technology, training, high ROI leads and confidence to break out immediately.

Our mission is to improve your professional and personal life so profoundly, you couldn’t imagine doing business any other way.

To show you we’re different than every other agency out there, here’s some resources you likely DON’T have that DigitalBGA final expense telesales agents leverage for better profits:

  • Exclusive final expense telesales products AND processes you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Free AD&D policies to give away in exchange for referrals. 100% online process with no email needed.
  • A script that increases average annual premium to over $940.
  • TV Commercial Call Ins. We produce and run our own Final Expense TV commercials.
  • Real-time technology to verify routing/account numbers AND probability of funds being available in your free CRM.
  • A conservation team that will call on your behalf to save any NSF’s and billing issues.

Right off the bat, we improve your business just with those resources. And we didn’t even mention our free sales-automation technology yet.

And to be clear, there are ZERO costs associated with working with us beyond paying for your leads.

Did someone say leads? Lets talk about our different lead options as that’s the most common question we get.

Final Expense Leads

DigitalBGA generates all of our leads internally. We don’t use 3rd party lead vendors who are incentivized to generate the lowest quality lead to maximize their own profits. Buying 3rd party leads is a recipe for mediocrity and typically failure.

We see the contact and sales data on every lead we generate. We scale the winners and cut the losers daily and it’s resulted in incredible returns for our agent partners.

We have 2 core leads to choose from.

1. Final Expense Call-Ins from TV ads – $60 per call

Direct call ins from national TV Ads directly to your home office. Simply toggle on in the CRM to be placed in the queue for the next consumer calling YOU.

DigitalBGA produces the commercials, runs the media and gets outstanding sales results. Average premium is between $1100-$1200 because of our proprietary ads that focus on the death benefit amount and not how cheap you can get it.

You’ve never worked a final expense lead with more intent than someone picking up the phone and calling in after seeing our ad.

Average closing percentage is 20% with our veteran agents closing 27%-33%+.

You must be licensed (or get licensed) in at least 12 states we’re running ads in. We have 4 state pods and the more pods you’re in, the shorter your wait time will be.

Simply put…these are the highest quality final expense leads in the industry.

TCPA Compliant Web Leads – $2 ea

TCPA compliant web leads that come with name, address, email and phone number.We only deliver leads to the states you’re licensed in.

90% of the leads have seen an ad online that says “Get up to $40,000 in Final Expense Whole Life Insurance with no exam”. The prospect then completes the form on that same page and submits it. 10% of leads will be seniors who see our commercials on TV or online and instead of calling in, go to our website and fill out a form.

These are all EXCLUSIVE leads (sold to no one else) and TCPA compliant. We get a Jornaya or Trusted Form certificate on EVERY form submitted. Which makes these the safest leads you can purchase as we can access a compliance report on every lead with prospect IP address, date/time stamped and even a snapshot video of the user filling out the form.

You order within the CRM and choose how many you want per day with the option of “auto-refill” so you always have a consistent flow of leads.

Expect a 23% contact rate on these leads. Agents are writing a range of 1% to 2.5%+ of these leads consistently. It’s dependent on activity and if you’re following our sales training. Even a 1% sales rate will be a $200 acquisition cost and VERY profitable

We set every order at 25 leads/day or more. Some days we’ll hit all 25, other days we won’t based on the performance of the marketing and how many states you’re taking leads in. To get started it’s a $900 investment for 450 leads.

Here’s the kicker. If you maintain a 1.4% closing ratio, we’ll still send you 25 leads/day for FREE. No reduction in commission either!

We’ll be completely upfront. You must be willing to make 100+ dials/day to make this work. And if you do, it will be a very profitable program for you.

Free Final Expense Sales Technology

Our software is proprietary. We built it from the ground up. This means we can make it do whatever we want and continually add new features to help increase sales. Most of our optimizations are based on agent feedback.

This is a plug and play system. Everything is set up for you to receive leads and make sales on day 1.

You purchase your leads in the CRM and all your leads will post into your CRM automatically. Our technology then displays the next best lead to call. You simply click the “Dialer” button and it starts dialing until you’re connected with someone.

Everyone who doesn’t pick up gets automatically dispositioned and will receive an automated email and text message (that is fully customizable) which creates inbound activity.

Here are some differentiating features and their benefits specifically for final expense telesales:

  • Verify bank account numbers in real-time AND determine if there’s a high likelihood of money being in the account. This will help with placement and persistency of your final expense business.
  • Reporting. View your contact and sales percentages for any date range and lead source. Compare where you are to our benchmarks we’ll share with you. You’ll know exactly what your weaknesses are – is it activity, sales process, placement? The numbers will tell you and you have them at your fingertips.
  • We scrub all PreQualified Callbacks and Web Leads through a known TCPA litigators database to reduce risk of a costly TCPA complaint. DigitalBGA or any agent taking our leads has never been sued for a TCPA complaint which is the #1 risk as a telesales agent.
  • Record all calls for compliance so DigitalBGA agent partners can enjoy access to products and processes other independent telesales agencies don’t.
  • Quote final expense life insurance with 1-Click. No more using 3rd party software.
  • Toggle yourself on/off and be put in a queue for live transfers or TV Call Ins.
Best of all…There’s NO COST to use our technology

Do you think these benefits would make you a more efficient and profitable final expense telesales agent?


We have mastered the final expense telesales presentation and combined that with effective training processes to get any agent setup and making sales within 7 days of submitting contracting with us.

The average final expense annual premium at DigitalBGA is over $940 using a sales process that focuses on our Big Check vs Small Check mentality. By focusing on the death benefit (not the cost) and connecting your prospects emotionally to that amount through powerfully crafted scripting, we’re getting much higher closing ratios AND average premiums.

Not all final expense telesales presentations are created equal. We found final expense telesales agents simply “don’t know what they don’t know”. Here’s what we mean:

Did you know there are over 10 sales scenarios in a final expense presentation?

Have you ever been trained to perform a proper policy review where you’ll close 8 out of 10 that go through our process?

Did you know you can give away free AD&D coverage in exchange for referrals?

Are you uncovering annuity, medicare, single premium whole life and other opportunities consistently? (we’ll train you on selling all of these!)

We found most agents haven’t been exposed to these concepts. We’ll train you on all of these.

Beyond mastering the final expense sales presentation, the core difference in our training is the delivery of training and 1 on 1 support you’ll have.

Here’s what the process looks like when you join us:

First: You join our “Thrive 45” LIVE Training Class which is a daily training for a couple hours and this lasts an entire week. We start these on the first and third Monday of each month. You’ll get trained on the entire presentation, how to use the technology, submit applications and have successful agents taking leads doing Q&A’s. There is no better final expense telesales training out there.

Second: You’re added to what we call our “daily huddle”. Every morning, successful agents are sharing their experiences and what’s working for them. While your assigned Brokerage Managers deliver updates, recognize sales leaders and bite sized sales training topics. This happens every morning like clockwork.

Third: Your assigned coach will work with you one on one to get you up to speed as quick as possible. When you’re ready to take leads, your coach will be with you via Zoom on a 1 hour dialing session to make sure you understand how to use the technology and help you navigate your first conversations live! (Zoom session is optional, but highly recommended)

We take training very seriously because our platform doesn’t work unless you know how to work it.

With that said, we’ve had agents issuing over $10,000 in their second week with us. For some it only takes a week for everything to click.


Final Expense Telesales can feel like you’re on an island, alone.

Being plugged into a community of telesales agents communicating in real time throughout the day is crucial to success.

You’ll learn and grow not just through your experiences, but through others experiences as well. This alone fast tracks your success and keeps you in growth mode daily.

As part of the DigitalBGA community, you get:
  • Access to Slack – our instant messaging platform.
  • Daily Huddles – live video calls every morning.
  • Friday agency calls with owners Jeff Root and Nic West where we take transparency to the next level.
  • Portal access to recorded training, underwriting cheat sheets and carrier resources.
  • Invitation to our annual Mastermind (for free if you qualify).
  • Daily, weekly and monthly leaderboard distribution.

We foster a community of support and collaboration.

Every day agents are sharing situations and how they successfully navigated them in Slack and on our daily huddles.

You have a direct pulse on everything happening at all times. If you have a question, you’ll get an answer in minutes from our community.

The DigitalBGA community of final expense telesales agents is really the driving force of getting agents up to speed quickly. The motivation of interacting with agents consistently issuing $5k-$10k/week on the same leads you’re working removes all doubt that the process works if you commit to the process.

The community also keeps DigitalBGA accountable for constantly delivering incredible lead quality, consistent lead flow, technology upgrades and training.

We call it our community here, but it really is family. We look after each other, encourage, support and celebrate one another.


First off. Our technology is free. Our lead prices run at our cost to generate them and you have a conservation team to tackle any pending lapses. DigitalBGA covers all of those costs.

With that said, everyone starts at 110% commissions and can increase based on production that is outlined.

Renewals are vested on day 1. That means if you sell a policy with us today that stays active for 10 years – you’re paid on that policy for 10 years even if you leave us tomorrow.

We have an open release policy as long as there’s no debt owed to a carrier. This means if you want to pursue another opportunity, we won’t hold your contracts.

You even have the ability to recruit to our platform and offering your agents our free technology and leads.


Here’s a few testimonials from agents in our final expense platform.

Jennifer Bisani

I went from 6 sales in the insurance industry TOTAL to a $62,000 month, 3 months into working with this IMO (DigitalBGA)

Trent Terrell

Before DigitalBGA, I had done $15,000 to $25,000 of annual premium each month…now I’m doing no less than $30,000 every single month, including a $43,000 month” (Update: Now Trent is now hitting over $50,000!)

John Boeheim

DigitalBGA provided me with a turnkey infrastructure with the backoff support and at the same time, top notch coaching. One of the other key benefits is working with and communicating with all of the other agents around the country. Even though I’m working by myself, I don’t feel like I’m working by myself.

Kimberly Battle

Since joining DigitalBGA, I’ve been able to help more families and earn more income than any other time in my career. I truly feel I’ve found a forever home here at DigitalBGA and can’t see myself anywhere else.

Patryce Sheppard,

No matter what I faced, no matter what challenges or questions I had, there was always someone there to help.

Jake Garcia

I had a case come back approved other than applied. The way they showed me how to save those types of cases really was a breakthrough because no one had shown me how to present that correctly. Digital had so many strategies on why you should tell a client this vs. that. These people are really invested in making sure we have everything to be successful.

Do You Qualify To Work With DigitalBGA?

We don’t take everyone.

You must fit ALL 3 of these requirements:

1) Must be willing to take at least 10 leads/day

Most of our top performers take 20-40 leads/day and make multiple sales every day.

This is the only cost of doing business.

You’ll be profitable within 2 weeks and thriving shortly after.

2) Must have at least 7 state licenses or be willing to pick up more licenses.

Applying for licenses is as easy as making a payment online through NIPR and each license costs between $50-$150 depending on the state. Please note for TV Call Ins, you must be licensed in at least 1 complete state pod before starting.

We have this requirement so you can get a solid lead flow. If you only have a few states, your lead flow won’t be consistent and our platform won’t work for you.

Please note for Live Transfers, the state license requirement is 15. For TV Call Ins, the state license requirement is 25.

3) You must have all of your final expense contracts mentioned above with Digital Senior Benefits.

No exceptions on this. If you need to get releases, that has to happen before we let you on our platform and access our training and leads. These include Aetna, AIG, American Amicable, Guarantee Trust Life, Liberty Bankders and Mutual of Omaha.

It’s worth noting here that we have an open-release policy. If this doesn’t work out for you (hey, telesales isn’t for everyone), we’ll release you immediately.

If you can meet these 3 criteria, let’s talk!

Next Steps

If you meet all the requirements above and are interested in learning more, please register for our opportunity webinar that we hold twice a week. You can ask any and all questions during this webinar.

We’ll answer any questions you have, give you more information about our platform and we’ll both determine if there’s a fit.