Hear some words of praise from life insurance agents actively partnering with DigitalBGA and building their business primarily over the phone.

Brian Greenberg, True Blue Life Insurance

Melissa Schreur, Insure The Heroes

Jimmy Mcmillan, Heart Life Insurance

Danny Ray, Pinnacle Quote

Chris Abrams, Abrams INC


DGBA has been an absolutely CRITICAL piece of my business success. For me, it boils down to the people that support me and the technology they provide.

People: They have an uber-efficient and skilled team of case managers, agent support staff, and contracting specialists that handle all the back end stuff so you know it's done right and you can focus your efforts on selling and generating new business. Problem placing a tough case They'll step in, if you ask, and exhaust all options using their experience and industry contacts. Beyond just those that work there, I've been connected with a group of like-minded digital sales agents that have furthered my business and resulted in some amazing partnership opportunities.

Technology: This is new school life insurance selling, not old school. The new school way equals 100x efficiency and income levels not possible in the old school. The DGBA team is constantly staying one step ahead of the game and investing tons back into the development of tools and systems for their agents. I don't have to guess, I trust they will always find me the best.

And oh yeah, they also pay top commission levels on day 1. I listed that last here because I would seriously take less for all the immense value and support this group provides.

Ty Stewart, SimpleLifeInsure.com


My experience with DigitalBGA has been nothing short of exemplary.

Their staff members are friendly, quick-to-help, and provide top tier case management. Krystn is a rockstar!

Further, DigitalBGA's technology is a game changer. I use their Portal - a comprehensive searchable database - on a daily basis. Help is at my fingertips rather than waiting on the phone for assistance.

If you are looking to take your life insurance business to the next level and into the digital age, I can't recommend them enough. I just had my most profitable year as a result of partnering with DigitalBGA.

Heidi Mertlich, NoPhysicalTermLife.com


DigitalBGA is an intuitive general agency built for independent agents by independent agents.  Their integration of evolving technology and superior service allows independent agents an opportunity to compete on a large scale.

In addition to outstanding resources and support, the team’s encouragement of collaboration between agents in the field is unprecedented within the insurance industry.  In my opinion, their continued success is based on a genuine desire to help independent agents grow their business without limits.

If you want to 10X your potential as an agent and business owner, DigitalBGA is the right choice.  Highly recommend!

James Shiver, ChoiceLifeQuote.com

Ben Brown

Digital BGA makes my job easy. The software they have created allows me to complete an application in under 10 minutes by phone.

If the client is busy, I can email them a link to complete their application later. Once the application is submitted, your case manager takes cares of everything. They make sure the client does their exam, and they keep you updated on the underwriting status.

Once the policy is approved, they even take care of getting the delivery requirements signed. It makes selling life insurance simple and provides an excellent experience for our clients. We love the staff, and they have helped us place over 100 policies so far.

Ben Brown, FlameInsurance.com


Before I found DigitalBGA I was all alone in a sea of online brokers with no community and extremely limited support.  Since I have made the switch I have my own back office support team that is always working hard to make sure my cases go inforce smoothly and quickly.

The systems that DigitalBGA have created are perfectly designed for high volume telesales. The single page application ticket is simple and can be completed in minutes for many top carriers.  I have increased my business since joining in 2017 a huge amount while saving on operating expenses since the top of the line crm is provided at no cost to me.

I am proud to say that am a member of DigitalBGA and would highly recommend their team of professionals to any life insurance broker or agency.

Bennett Bier, TrustedLifeInsuranceQuotes.com

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DigitalBGA has been a tremendous asset for my life insurance business. From running illustrations and submitting applications to getting the policy placed - they are instrumental in ensuring that everything runs efficiently and smoothly.

DBGA's focus on technology and support is extremely important to me as a telesales broker. They are constantly adding technological features to improve your efficiency as a life insurance agent. They've created email and online life insurance application options that provide my clients an alternative and convenient way to apply.

They keep me informed with status updates after the application is submitted and their back office support is top notch. They take care of signatures any additional requirements needed throughout the underwriting process. All of this saves me time which I can use to grow my business.

I highly recommend DigitalBGA as it's been an absolute pleasure doing business with them.

Mike Quinn, LifeInsuranceBlog.net


I have been working with DigitalBGA for over a year and have nothing but the upmost respect and praise for the company. They combine technology and great staff helping us agents every step of the way. I no longer have to chase every piece of paper or other requirements from the carrier. This is cutting down service time and is allowing me to focus on helping more clients secure the coverage they need.

Digital BGA is truly a modern age BGA and invests heavily into technology, staff, and their agents. They listen to our feedback and make changes as needed.

I also want to take a second and say a huge thank you to all of their case managers and sales coaches. Working with them is an absolute pleasure. They are always extremely professional and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend DBGA to anyone looking to take his or her business to the next level.

Zhaneta Gechev, OneStopLifeInsurance.com


I have been working with DigitalBGA the past few months, and they have basically helped me build my business from the ground up.

I had never sold Final Expense insurance before getting contracted with DBGA, so I had a lot to learn. They helped me learn the ins and outs of the carriers, the specific underwriting for Final Expense prospects, quoting, pitching, call cadence, follow up, the application process, back office support and a whole lot more.

They even provide a free CRM and a sales coach who provides tips on how to improve your business and processes. Gianni is my sales coach, and he has been a very solid go-to resource and support for me when things get challenging. But, if you have the grit, determination, and the willingness to follow the recipe that DBGA provides, you can find success with Final Expense quickly working with Digital BGA.

Ryan Smith, SeniorWholeLife.com


I love DigitalBGA. Great contracts, awesome people and incredible technology.  Their people are second to none on response time and experience.

The technology they built is terrific and allows insurance agents, like me, to spend more time closing business and less time fumbling around.  Many of the tools that they have are unique to them and this technical expertise sets them apart.  On top of the game changing technology they also invest, heavily in their producers.  Quickly you might might find yourself wondering how you ever sold without them.

Scott Johnson, Whole vs Term Life Insurance

TB image

With DigitalBGA I have a back office that provides support in dealing with the life insurance company new business and underwriting departments so I can focus on finding more folks to help with finding life insurance.

I have a choice to use the company’s application process or to open a ticket with DigitalBGA if writing a fully underwritten case.  When writing fully underwritten cases I collect the basic information and my amazing dedicated back office does the rest.

Using Digital BGA is like getting a full agent commission for providing a referral.

Terry Biddle, LifePolicyShopper.com

Digital BGA has been fantastic to work with.  I consider them to be a true partner in my business. There's a lot of GA's out there where an agent can get contracts to carriers, but in my experience very few of them really deliver much beyond that.  Their case managers and back office staff do a fantastic job. They stay on top of my cases and keep me updated. They also do a great job of communicating to my clients throughout the underwriting process and take care of various administrative tasks along the way.  This frees up my time to focus on sales and marketing which allows me to be more profitable.

If you like the idea of selling life insurance online and over the phone I couldn't recommend Digital BGA highly enough.  The technology that we as agents get to tap into is really nice and it's free for us to use. And probably best part about them to me is that they are constantly looking for feedback on various things they can do to improve.  And even better I guess is that they actually listen and then implement!

Ryan C, Over50LifeInsure.com

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