Hear some words of praise from life insurance agents actively partnering with DigitalBGA and building their business primarily over the phone.

Jennifer Bisani

I went from 6 sales in the insurance industry TOTAL to a $62,000 month, 3 months into working with this IMO (DigitalBGA)

Trent Terrell

Before DigitalBGA, I had done $15,000 to $25,000 of annual premium each month…now I’m doing no less than $30,000 every single month, including a $43,000 month” (Update: Now Trent is now hitting over $50,000!)

Danny Ray, PinnacleQuote.com

They constantly tweak and make the process better so we can write more business…Because of their constant strive for excellence, this month I’ve written $75,000 in business and have consistently written between $25,000 to $150,000 of written premium per month. That would not be possible without the perfected process of DigitalBGA’s system.

Jake Garcia

I had a case come back approved other than applied. The way they showed me how to save those types of cases really was a breakthrough because no one had shown me how to present that correctly. Digital had so many strategies on why you should tell a client this vs. that. These people are really invested in making sure we have everything to be successful.

Aziz Adetimirin Jr

Digital has changed my life. My breakthrough was when I had my first $10,000 week…and it really didn’t feel like I did $10,000. One of the best things about DigitalBGA is they have a lot of heavy hitters that are making big money, but they’re not too big for us. From Day 1, I was able to get the higher producers to give me advice.

Patryce Sheppard, doingitdifferentlybook.com

No matter what I faced, no matter what challenges or questions I had, there was always someone there to help.

John Boeheim

DigitalBGA provided me with a turnkey infrastructure with the backoff support and at the same time, top notch coaching. One of the other key benefits is working with and communicating with all of the other agents around the country. Even though I’m working by myself, I don’t feel like I’m working by myself.

Jimmy McMillan, HeartLifeInsurance.com

Working with a partner like DigitalBGA has been invaluable for the growth of my business. Frankly, it would be impossible without them.

Ben Brown

They’ve super focused on making it as easy as possible for the client. For instance, I recently sold a policy with DigitalBGA where I never even spoke with the customer…

Brian Greenberg, TrueBlueLifeInsurance.com

DigitalBGA has some of the best technology you’ll find anywhere in the industry and they continue to innovate at a very fast pace.

Chris Abrams, AbramsInc.com

In the past, I spent 60% of my time handling administrative work and that’s now handled by DigitalBGA. I spend all my time now selling and marketing which has greatly improved my business

Kimberly Battle

Since joining DigitalBGA, I’ve been able to help more families and earn more income than any other time in my career. I truly feel I’ve found a forever home here at DigitalBGA and can’t see myself anywhere else.

Melissa Schreur, insurancetheheroes.com

I now feel equipped to run my business. Everyone there is approachable and helpful. Their lead program has a great ROI. Most importantly, DigitalBGA is innovative and tech savvy.

Shante Ards

My biggest success is when I hit $10,000 of premium in my first month. It’s like a family culture. We all work together to get the job done.

Ty Stewart, SimpleLifeInsure.com

DGBA has been an absolutely CRITICAL piece of my business success. For me, it boils down to the people that support me and the technology they provide.

People: They have an uber-efficient and skilled team of case managers, agent support staff, and contracting specialists that handle all the back end stuff so you know it’s done right and you can focus your efforts on selling and generating new business. Problem placing a tough case They’ll step in, if you ask, and exhaust all options using their experience and industry contacts. Beyond just those that work there, I’ve been connected with a group of like-minded digital sales agents that have furthered my business and resulted in some amazing partnership opportunities.

Technology: This is new school life insurance selling, not old school. The new school way equals 100x efficiency and income levels not possible in the old school. The DGBA team is constantly staying one step ahead of the game and investing tons back into the development of tools and systems for their agents. I don’t have to guess, I trust they will always find me the best.

And oh yeah, they also pay top commission levels on day 1. I listed that last here because I would seriously take less for all the immense value and support this group provides.

Heidi Mertlich, NoPhysicalTermLife.com

My experience with DigitalBGA has been nothing short of exemplary.

Their staff members are friendly, quick-to-help, and provide top tier case management. Krystn is a rockstar!

Further, DigitalBGA’s technology is a game changer. I use their Portal – a comprehensive searchable database – on a daily basis. Help is at my fingertips rather than waiting on the phone for assistance.

If you are looking to take your life insurance business to the next level and into the digital age, I can’t recommend them enough. I just had my most profitable year as a result of partnering with DigitalBGA.

Before I found DigitalBGA I was all alone in a sea of online brokers with no community and extremely limited support. Since I have made the switch I have my own back office support team that is always working hard to make sure my cases go inforce smoothly and quickly.

The systems that DigitalBGA have created are perfectly designed for high volume telesales. The single page application ticket is simple and can be completed in minutes for many top carriers.  I have increased my business since joining in 2017 a huge amount while saving on operating expenses since the top of the line crm is provided at no cost to me.

I am proud to say that am a member of DigitalBGA and would highly recommend their team of professionals to any life insurance broker or agency.

Zhaneta Gechev, OneStopLifeInsurance.com

I have been working with DigitalBGA for over a year and have nothing but the upmost respect and praise for the company. They combine technology and great staff helping us agents every step of the way. I no longer have to chase every piece of paper or other requirements from the carrier. This is cutting down service time and is allowing me to focus on helping more clients secure the coverage they need.

Digital BGA is truly a modern age BGA and invests heavily into technology, staff, and their agents. They listen to our feedback and make changes as needed.

I also want to take a second and say a huge thank you to all of their case managers and sales coaches. Working with them is an absolute pleasure. They are always extremely professional and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend DBGA to anyone looking to take his or her business to the next level.