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  • $2 Exclusive T65 Opt-In Leads
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  • Daily live telesales training via Zoom
  • Live help in Slack throughout your day

The Medicare Opportunity

There’s no question the wealth being created by Medicare is catching a lot of attention. Agents are flocking to create a book of renewal business that can provide steady income. Medicare shops are popping up all over the place.

As the cost of living increases so does the income opportunity with Medicare. Each year the Center for Medicare and Medicaid releases new maximum income levels for writing Medicare Advantage policies (the rate most carriers pay). In 2022 that rate has been raised to:

$573 for new to Medicare enrollees and
$287 for renewals and moving clients to a new plan.

That $287/ year renews for as long as your client stays with you.

The best part is there are no health qualifications to join a Medicare Advantage plan. This means despite your client’s health they can be written with a plan that will still pay you a healthy commission while they often will have to pay no, or little additional premium.

To reach $100,000 of renewable annual income you only have to maintain a book of 349 Medicare Advantage clients. Reaching a six-figure income has never been easier. Although it’s a tough road, it’s completely possible in your first year of production. That’s only an average of 30 policies per month. Driven new agents can realistically expect 100 applications in the prime Medicare Advantage season from October 15th – the end of March. We have new agents produce 30 policies/ month in months outside of this busy season. Think about it, that’s only one policy per day on average.

This busy Medicare Advantage season is made up of two primary seasons AEP (the Annual Election Period) where clients make their elections from October 15th through December 7th. The second is OEP (the Open Enrollment Period) from January through March where clients with an existing Medicare Advantage plan are able to make a change to their existing coverage.

Medicare Supplement plans pay a percentage of premium for a certain amount of years depending on the carrier and state the plan is written in.Generally commission is around the 20% range for around 5 years, until it starts to taper off. The average med supp premium tends to be around $1,400/ year. You can push the window of top level premium out by rewriting Medicare Supplement clients as their rates go up.

All of this means you can create a healthy renewable source of income that can grow year after year.

As the business grows it’s more important than ever for agents to be aware of where they place their business.

Warning! Medicare at DigitalBGA is Different…

Digital BGA is selective in which agents (and agencies) we invite to be part of our business. We invite agents that have committed to taking their Medicare business seriously. We do not invite everyone that asks to join our team.

Our approach is admittedly a little different.

We believe that top producing agents thrive on being surrounded by other top producing agents.

Why are we so selective?

Like we mention above, part of the reason is to encourage top producers. The other reason is because Medicare is not for everyone. There are many reasons people want to get into Medicare. Many believe it is easier to sell than other insurance products. Some believe they’ll become rich quick. Both reasons are short sighted.

It’s a lot of work to learn the Medicare business and regardless of the amount of help you’re offered, you will need to put in the effort. Clients may need Medicare, but it can be a hard conversation getting someone to open up about their health history. Do not check your sales skills at the door.

The DigitalBGA Medicare Difference…

Thankfully Digital BGA is here to help. Running our Medicare Division is Zach Paschke and Molly Eliott who lead our daily huddles.

Zach Paschke, Medicare Agent Success Manager

Zach is an encyclopedia of Medicare knowledge and a student of the Medicare industry. He’s been trained by some of the best in the Medicare business and has his pulse on the entire market.

Molly Elliott, Medicare Brokerage Manager

Molly Elliott was the #1 agent at one of the biggest Medicare call centers in the country before making her way to DigitalBGA. Her knowledge of Medicare telesales and products are a huge asset to DigitalBGA partner agents.

Our Medicare program is here to help with 3 main areas of your business.

  1. World Class training and support. Because we keep our team of agents small, you have a dedicated team to help you navigate the new world of Medicare. Our support offers live product, tech and sales training…DAILY.

  2. Unique lead solutions. Don’t ever “test” a lead source again. We have you covered with proven leads:

    • $2 T65 Leads – Web form leads requesting a Medicare Enrollment Checklist with email, DOB and address. All leads will be 64 years old (within 12 months of turning 65). Purchase directly in the CRM
    • T65 Seminar marketing blueprint. We’ll walk you through the entire process – from booking an affordable venue with meals included, packing the room with qualified prospects, the presentation and everything in between. It works beautifully if this is of interest.

  3. FREE Proprietary Technology. We have been known for quite some time about our industry leading (and proprietary) Digital Senior Benefits CRM. Long gone are the days of leads on paper cards or spreadsheets.

    Our technology will display the next best lead to call. You simply login and click the “Dialer” button and wait to be connected with someone. Anyone who doesn’t pick up gets triggered an automated text and email.

    We have reporting to see all your leads that within 3 months, 6 months and 12 months of turning 65. Lead records have fields for all the Medicare data you need to collect.

    In addition to this technology we have partnered with industry leading tech providers to provide you with access to Sunfire, Connexure, and CSG quoting – all easily accessible within the CRM.

All of that, and we teach you how to do it all right from your computer. That’s right. No driving door-to-door wondering how much mileage you’ll have to put on your car to make it to your next presentation.

Our business coaching helps you decide what amount (if any) face-to-face interaction is right for your business. Carriers are increasingly making it easier and easier for you to sell right from your desk, so why hit the road? Our agents range from completely virtual to a slight mix of in-person interaction with their clients. We can help you find the right mix for you.

Next Steps

As stated, we limit the number of agents we can bring on. Make sure you set up an appointment as soon as possible.

Schedule an appointment with us to discuss if this opportunity is the right fit for you. Click here to access our calendar.