Medicare Platform

Sell More Medicare Over The Phone

  • $2 Exclusive T65 Opt-In Leads
  • Sunfire Access + Proprietary Medicare CRM
  • Live telesales training via Zoom
  • Live help in Slack throughout your day

Career Agent Path

Don’t want to be bogged down with running a business, buying leads or paying for your own health insurance?

You don’t have to. We offer a salaried position with great benefits with an insanely competative per-app bonus working very high quality leads and referrals from our independent agent life insurance side of the house.

This work from home (unless you’re in Austin, TX or Charlotte, NC then we’d have an office for you), salaried + bonus opportunity is only for experienced agents with a real track record of success. We find the best candidates come from a previous Medicare call center. If you’d like to explore that option, email your resume to

Independent Agency Path

If you have the drive to invest in your own agency or grow your current independent agency then please read through our offer carefully.

The one thing to realize about this industry is that agents trying to replicate existing call center business plans are destined to fail. Call centers have huge budgets, specialty negotiated payment, and other means of profit the average agent doesn’t have access to. With these advances they’re still struggling to remain profitable. The industry is changing and fast!

That said, our goal is to give you call-center-like tech, business planning, and help you take advantage of the spots in the market where you can shine!

Before we talk about what we have to offer, let’s take a second to help you build or refine your business plan. Many times agents struggle in Medicare because they don’t know the right way to build their business the right way for them. We’ll share with you the 3 different business plans that we work with people getting into the business. We’ll go in the order of the start-up cost:

Option 1: Final Expense leading cross-sale

Medicare renewals over time will build a solid base of income and make marketing easier in the future and often agents need steady income to pay the bills while they build up the Medicare renewals. Our revolutionary final expense program reduces the time you’ll need to spend prospecting and give you the cash and time you need to get your Medicare business off the ground. Two things happen.

1) You can cross-sell your final expense clients Medicare products. We can even only deliver final expense leads 64 years and older so EVERYONE will be a medicare prospect.

2) As you have high-profit months, you will have more money to start investing into your Medicare Marketing. This option is best for agents looking for immediate income. If you can’t go 6-9 months without income all the while fronting lead costs, you’ll likely need to create some income with Final Expense.

Option 2: Tele-sales Master Kit

The biggest problem in tele-sales today for independent agents is lead cost. Facebook is saturated. Direct mail price is going up while quality is starting to fall off. We encourage agents to hire their own telemarketer to call on our $2 exclusive T65 leads in our FREE CRM or cold call T65 data using a multi line dialer. The best part is we’ll source, train and deliver your very own overseas telemarketer for $4/hr that works 3-4 hours/day for you.

Current prices for telemarketed T65 leads run about $35-$45 each. We’re finding those costs can be cut in half with our $2 T65 leads or simply having your telemarketer cold call those turning 65. We’ve even set up our CRM so that your telemarketer can drop your leads right into your call queue. Not only that, with our CRM technology you can even set up a live-transfer program.

Great! Why not run out and do it alone? We’ll walk you through the process of setting up the systems, what tech your telemarketer will need, the best data in the industry, walk you through how to pull the data and find the type of client you wish to market.

This plan is best for the agent looking to own their own marketing and is willing to put a little extra time into getting a better quality lead for less money.

Option 3: The Local Pro

This by far is our most popular option of the lot. Don’t be confused, this is not a face-to-face track, but it takes advantage of the best parts of face-to-face business and mixes them with telesales. This is a slower build approach that helps you maximize your investment and get the highest possible quality business. The Local Pro Approach is divided into 3 approaches:

The first approach is local Medicare seminars. This approach is where you invite clients to an educational seminar that allows you to build face-to-face connections with all of them at once. At the end of the seminar, you collect permission to contact forms and close the business later over the phone. We’ve seen agents close as high as 50% of attendees to the events.

The second approach is local SEO. This is where we’ll show you how to rank in Google in your local area for Medicare searches. You’ll get call ins and requests from your websites. This is very low hanging fruit and we have the blueprint to get you to the top results in a matter of 60 days or less.

The third approach is building local referral partnerships. We’ve got some great strategies to train you to get local referrals.

No matter how you build your business we offer the tools you need to get your business moving in the right direction.

The DigitalBGA Medicare Difference…

Thankfully Digital BGA is here to help. Running our Medicare Division is Aaron Arenbart.

Aaron Arenbart, Medicare Brokerage Manager

His knowledge of Medicare telesales and products are a huge asset to DigitalBGA partner agents.

Our Medicare program is here to help with 3 main areas of your business.

  1. World Class training and support. Because we keep our team of agents small, you have a dedicated team to help you navigate the new world of Medicare. Our support offers live product, tech and sales training…DAILY.

  2. Unique lead solutions. Don’t ever “test” a lead source again. We have you covered with proven leads:

    • $2 T65 Leads – Web form leads requesting a Medicare Enrollment Checklist with email, DOB and address. All leads will be 64 years old (within 12 months of turning 65). Purchase directly in the CRM
    • T65 Seminar marketing blueprint. We’ll walk you through the entire process – from booking an affordable venue with meals included, packing the room with qualified prospects, the presentation and everything in between. It works beautifully if this is of interest.

  3. FREE Proprietary Technology. We have been known for quite some time about our industry leading (and proprietary) Digital Senior Benefits CRM. Long gone are the days of leads on paper cards or spreadsheets.

    Our technology will display the next best lead to call. You simply login and click the “Dialer” button and wait to be connected with someone. Anyone who doesn’t pick up gets triggered an automated text and email.

    We have reporting to see all your leads that within 3 months, 6 months and 12 months of turning 65. Lead records have fields for all the Medicare data you need to collect.

    In addition to this technology we have partnered with industry leading tech providers to provide you with access to Sunfire, Connexure, and CSG quoting – all easily accessible within the CRM.

All of that, and we teach you how to do it all right from your computer and at top street level contracts

Next Steps

We limit the number of agents on our Medicare platform to give everyone the training and support they need to be successful. We’re not here to hand out medicare contracts to anyone that can fog a mirror.

With that said, schedule an appointment with us to discuss if you feel this opportunity is the right fit for you. Click here to access Molly’s calendar.