Medicare Onboarding

DigitalBGA Medicare Onboarding

Welcome to the Medicare onboarding process with Digital BGA.

Keep in mind you will not be approved to join our program until your contracting is completed! Time is of the essence! You will be awarded a spot when the following items are completed:

  • We have approved you to start the process.
  • Your AHIP testing is done.
  • You are appointed with our carriers.
  • You complete all required carrier training.
  • Fund your leads.

Here’s how to move forward:

If you’re already contracted

If you’re moving your existing contracts from your current upline you will need to get released from your existing upline. This process is pretty straight forward with Medicare Supplement carriers, but your Part C and Part D contracts will require 2 extra things:

  • Start your contracting process here: Contracting Form
  • All Aetna contracts require an AETNA specific letter releasing you from your upline.
  • WellCare will allow you to request an upline change directly on their agent site.
  • Humana an UHC can be requested using a generic release letter from your current upline.
  • If you have not written any business with your current upline in the past 6 months, please notify us as soon as possible.

Please note that transferring contracts can take a significant amount of time. Please transfer your contracts as soon as possible.

If you are not currently contracted

  • Start contracting process here: Contracting Form
  • To be able to sell Medicare Advantage / Part D plans you’ll need your AHIP training. Currently, this is $175 class. We’ve attached some details about the AHIP training below.
  • Complete our questionnaire to start the contracting portion.
  • Most of your contracting will be sent by the company to your email. The few days following your request keep an eye on your spam/junk mail to make sure you get all of your contracting emails.
  • Complete your carrier training.

AHIP test tips:

  • You can get discounts through carriers when taking the AHIP. For example, Mutual of Omaha’s discount is at:
  • If you want to jump in before your contracting, the website for AHIP training is:
  • The AHIP has 4 main sections. If it’s your first time completing, expect to spend 2 days if you dedicate your entire day to it. If you want to complete it at night after your work day, count on spending a full week completing the test.
  • You can save the slides to reference in the future.
  • There are quiz questions throughout the test, but there is a final exam that requires a 90% approval for the main 4 sections of the quiz. Make sure you’re comfortable answering the practice questions! If you’re struggling with the quiz questions, you WILL struggle with the
  • The AHIP will provide you with a certificate, but it can be directly transmitted to the carriers. As you complete your contracting, your training can be certified through the AHIP website and submitted directly to the carriers.

Zach is here to help you through the process. Reach out with any questions.

Zach Paschke