Protective Life Insurance Contracting

  • The fastest fully underwritten product on the market
  • Very Competitive Term and GUL
  • 21 day average turnaround time using EZ-App Drop Ticket!
  • High commissions

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And Online Contracting For Protective Life


    Why Protective Life?

    We can tell you that they’ve been around since 1907 and are “A+” rated with AMBest, but that won’t get you excited about writing them.  So lets get into detail about why Protective Life is our #1 fully underwritten carrier (by placed premium) at Digital BGA.

    Their EZ-App Technology is Best In Class

    • Their EZ-App drop ticket platform runs on electronic feeds and we’re averaging a 21 day turnaround time from application completed to an inforce policy.
      • All medical exams and APS are ordered electronically.  Which means faster processing.
      • The APS is ordered after the exam is scheduled.  This shaves off weeks of underwriting time.  Most of the time the APS is ordered after an initial underwriting review.
    • Protective’s IPO Process (Income Provider Option) will make almost always win on price IF your client is willing to take the death benefit over time.
      • We’re seeing 5%-25% reduction in premiums.
      • You can complete and get quotes on their EZ-App platform.

    Underwriting Is Also Best in Class

    • They use the best offer from the GenRe or SwissRe re-insurance manual.  Most life insurance companies use one re-insurer that tells them what risk they’re available to take.  Protective looks at both and uses the one that will give the best possible outcome.
    • You can actually call in and speak with a Protective underwriter.  Need a risk assessment, call them!
    • Because their term is built on UL chassis, their underwriting is more lenient.