Unlimited Lead AEP Program

 Investment: $3,000

                **Purchase by September 15th and get high quality leads the week before AEP**


DigitalBGA will receive over 6 figures in marketing dollars from Medicare companies and since we’re supporting independent agents (and not an agency or call center), we’ll be subsidizing your lead costs with the marketing dollars we receive.  All you pay is $3,000.

Doing so, we’ll make sure you’re talking to interested consumers all day, every day during AEP.

We are only taking 20 agents during this AEP– so we can actively support every agent that needs it and deliver the quality/quantity of leads needed to work a full day.

Even if you’re new to Medicare, we’re here to make your first AEP a success.


We expect agents with some experience to write 100-200 apps during the 7-week AEP.  Agents will also get to keep their follow ups and write those leads during OEP.

Lead Types

We’ll be sending mostly prequalified callbacks of consumers who have a confirmed MAPD and are interested in reviewing the new plans available in their area. These are leads where an overseas call center will be calling on consumers who opted in online and asking them if they’d like to review the new 2021 Medicare plans available to them.

ALL leads will have email addresses to make the scope of appointment and enrollment simple.  

We may also send real-time web leads where a consumer fills out a form online and those will have email addresses as well.


At NO cost, agents will have a plug and play CRM that DigitalBGA built from the ground up. Simply click the “Dialer” button and the CRM calls the next most valuable lead.  Your leads are posted directly into your CRM.

Agents will have access to enroll clients through Sunfire and CSG – at no additional cost.

As for support – we strongly urge agents to participate in our Zoom daily morning huddles during AEP so we can collect feedback and share our wins, what’s working and what’s not working.

During your days, you’ll have access to our very active Medicare Slack channel to ask any questions on the fly.

Requirements To Join Our Unlimited Lead AEP Platform

Requirement #1: You must have all your Medicare and ancillary contracts with DigitalBGA.  We have an open release policy if you ever decide to pursue another opportunity (you won’t, we’re committed to making this a smashing success).  

Requirement #2:  Be able to take leads in 3 states of the states listed below.  We recommend being licensed in AT LEAST 5 states to receive a more consistent lead flow.  Less states = slowing lead flow.  Knowing what states you’re licensed in is part of our planning process so we know how many leads to generate on a daily basis.

Here are the states:


(We could be persuaded to add more states if we have coverage from other agents in the platform – just ask us)

Requirement #3: All leads must be worked inside our free CRM.

Important Details

In this 7 week program, you’ll be distributed exclusive leads in real-time and also working re-assigned leads from other agents that are in the weeds and can’t get to their leads in a timely manner. Due to the heavy discount we offer on the program, we reserve the right to remove leads that are not actively being worked and reassign them to another agent.

To be specific, you don’t own the leads we provide. You DO own any client and any future follow ups. Future follow ups are defined as having a call back set in the future and at least a 10 minute conversation recorded in the CRM. At the end of AEP, we’ll sweep out all the unworked leads and past due follow ups.  You keep your clients and future follow ups.

We’ll make sure your lead queue is full of interested prospects and you’ll always have prequalified prospects or web leads to call on. If you clear your call queue, let us know and we’ll promptly divert more leads your way and scale up your volume. You can work 12 hour days and all weekends and maximise every minute if you want.

However, if you’re behind on calling your leads and you have follow ups or new leads that are more than 1 business day past due, we’ll redistribute your leads to other agents and reduce lead flow.  We’ll crank lead flow back up when you’re caught up. We cannot have lead waste in this program and provide an unlimited lead opportunity.

There are NO refunds. Make sure this is something you’re committed to.  We have committed  all carrier marketing dollars and the $3000 payment to our call centers and marketing campaigns.  This is money already spent and paid to our marketing resources even if you decide to leave.


Have Questions? Schedule a call with us here.

Or make the payment to reserve one of the 20 spots.