VSA Program

Virtual Sales Agent Program

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    No more driving from appointment to appointment.
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    No more testing new leads to turn a profit. We provide high ROI leads that we generate ourselves.
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    Enjoy the sales automation technology that will make your sales rates soar.

Sell life insurance from the comfort of your own home.

Our Virtual Sales Agent (VSA) program is a work from home (or office) opportunity where we provide agents with as many leads as they can afford and comfortably work.

For over 2 years, our VSA program was a free leads for a reduced compensation opportunity that we used to "graduate" agents into being an independent agent.  With our new training, technologies and processes, we don't need to do that anymore (provide free leads at a reduced comp) as agents are very profitable right from the start.

The #1 reason agents choose to work with DigitalBGA is our leads.  Sure we have the best processing team, training and technology, but having a reliable and quality lead source is what separates us from all our competitors.

These are the BEST quality internet life insurance leads you'll ever work.

No one can touch the quality of our leads.

We generate our leads internally through search engines, Facebook and YouTube ads  where consumers are completing a form online requesting to be contacted about life insurance.  We tee these leads up for you.

Our best in class training and coaches will help you convert those life insurance leads into sales.  It's a trainable skill and we'll provide 1 on 1 support until you're closing a high percentage of your leads.

We recommend agents have at least 3 non-resident state licenses to start.  The more states you have, the more consistent your lead flow will be.

VSAs will get access to state of the art sales automation technology that automatically sends emails and texts to your leads.  It quotes, it field underwrites and you can even submit applications from within our platform without ever leaving it.

Your sales coach will support you with any questions by phone or email. No more trying to do this on your own.

New VSA’s will be calling the same leads as our veteran VSA’s. You’ll be on a level playing field and have the same opportunity as everyone else.

The Numbers

Commission Structure

This is a real six figure “work from home” opportunity. Our commission structure is more lucrative than any other telesales agency we've come across. Why? Because we focus on technology, training and processes to help you place more business.  No one can touch what we've built for independent life insurance agents.

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    85%-110% of annual commissionable premium (depends on carrier and product).
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    75% advances on the carriers that allow advances (most do)
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    We recommend writing as much non-med as possible to help with cash flow in the beginning.

Join Our Team

With our quality leads and superior selling systems, hitting $20,000 of placed premium is matter of developing your efficiency in our systems, developing your sales scripting, and field underwriting our carriers. Not to worry, we’ll get you there.
We only have these requirements to work with DigitalBGA
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    You MUST be able to take leads daily. You can buy ours or generate your own.

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    You must be coachable and have a drive to succeed. If you have the work ethic and budget for leads, we'll get you there.

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    You must be licensed in at least 3 states to purchase leads from us. Preferably more.

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    You must carry active E&O insurance.

Check yes?

We onboard new agents weekly. Click the link below to watch a video providing more information and a demo our technology.

[Note: Not all agents will qualify. We're looking for agents ready to commit to making the best income of their lives and have the means to do it.]