Virtual Sales Agent Program

  • No more driving from appointment to appointment.
  • No more spending your own money on leads to turn a profit.
  • Only work exclusive real-time life insurance inquiries coming to you.
Virtual Sales Agent Program

Sell life insurance from the comfort of your own home.

Our Virtual Sales Agent (VSA) program is a work from home (or office) opportunity where we provide agents with 750+ real-time exclusive leads every month.

These are the BEST quality internet life insurance leads you'll ever work.

If you were to purchase these leads at $15/each, you'd have to spend $11,250 per month + technology costs.
We take care of all of these costs for you. And if you're on top of all of your leads, you can take as many as you want. There is no cap to the amount of leads we allow agents to work and there is no cap to the amount of income you can make.

VSA’s on our program are required to be licensed in a minimum of 25 states to allow for optimal lead flow. We understand that’s a lot of states and if you’re only licensed in a couple states – the cost for these non-resident licenses will be around $2500 if you only have a couple state licenses (less if you have 5 for more licenses already).

We know that if you’re willing to invest in yourself, that’s enough skin in the game for us to invest in you. And we’ll invest HEAVILY in your success.  There are no other costs associated beyond paying for your state licenses.

VSAs will get access to state of the art CRM technology, phone system, email system and follow up sequences day 1 of working with us.  That's on top of the 1 on 1 training from a veteran sales manager.

Your sales manager will support you with any questions by phone or an internal instant messaging platform to communicate in real time. No more trying to navigate technology and figure it out on your own!

New VSA’s will be calling the same leads as our veteran VSA’s. You’ll be on a level playing field and have the same opportunity as everyone else.

So lets get to the commission structure because this is important and will attract any agent from a former call center because we pay close to double to what they’re used to…or you may be shocked coming from an independent world. Either way, this is a six figure “work from home” position.

The Numbers

Commission Structure

This is a real six figure “work from home” opportunity. Our commission structure is more lucrative than any call center compensation plan we've come across. Why? Because we don't have a big office and expenses that come with a call center and we generate our own leads and partnerships - there is no middle man.

  • 30% of annual commissionable premium, advanced. 20% on guaranteed issue.
  • Commissions paid on the 15th of every month.
  • Expectations are $20,000 (minimum) of placed premium within 4 months. Seasoned agents are doing $30,000-$40,000+.

Join Our Team

With our quality leads and superior selling systems, hitting $20,000 of placed premium is matter of developing your efficiency in our systems, developing your sales scripting, and field underwriting our carriers. Not to worry, we’ll get you there.
We only have these requirements to stay on our VSA program:
  • All client and sales communications will be handled within our technology (phones, CRM, emails, text etc.).
  • VSA will adhere to a set of lead calling standards provided by Digital BGA.
    Currently that’s 3 hours of talk time OR 150 dials. We get real time data on all your activity.
  • VSA must be licensed in 25 States to start at agent’s own expense and maintain those licenses.
  • VSA must carry active E&O.

Check yes?

We onboard new agents weekly. Apply below to get into the next training class!

[Note: Not all applicants will qualify. A series of phone interviews will be conducted. This is a full time 1099 life insurance sales position.]