High ROI Life Insurance Leads

For DigitalBGA contracted agents only.

At DigitalBGA, we generate our own leads and get them to our agents at our cost.  We do not make money selling leads to agents like other agencies. We are obsessed with your success, and have a vested interest in your success by teaching you the ins and outs of being successful in telesales.

We generate our own leads internally.  This is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We have absolute control over quality and are always optimizing for better results.

There’s no blaming lead vendors for bad quality anymore. We know our leads are profitable because we test them extensively before bringing them to you.

What that means to you is you NEVER have to test a lead source again, we’ve eliminated that risk. If you can’t make these leads profitable, it’s not the leads - it’s something else (and we’ll help you with that).

5 Reasons Our Life Insurance Leads Are Better

It comes down to 5 things:

1) We see the entire sales journey of a lead.

We see everything from the campaign and website the lead was generated on...all the way down to contact made and sale made on our platform. We cut the losers quickly and scale the high ROI winners.

No other organization serving independent life insurance agents in the nation can do this.

What this means to you is you’re always working high ROI sources.

2) We optimize what happens after the lead fills out an online form

If you went to a 3rd party lead vendor, after a prospect fills out a form, it goes to a thank you page with other offers for your prospect to click on. That’s a terrible experience for your prospect.

On the leads DigitalBGA generates, we show instant quotes and let the prospect know someone will be in touch to prequalify them for coverage. A much better and more positive experience that they’ll remember.

3) Innovative automated email from YOU

We have a strategic way of getting more responses with our e-mail copy.

On top of that, the automated email a prospect receives includes a link to a professional, secure pre-qualification form. 1 out of 15 of your leads will complete this form without ever speaking with you.

When the form is completed, you get notified immediately.

4) Search engine generated leads.

Search engine generated leads are the closest to buying life insurance than any other lead on the market. They’re in the buying process and researching their options online.

We pride ourselves in generating more search engine generated leads than any other agency in the nation through our partnerships.

5) Low cost, high ROI

You won’t find higher quality leads at this price point. We’re in business to place as much life insurance business as we can, not to be profitable on leads.

You Also Receive:

  • Access To Proprietary Technology.

    Including a 1 page application for the core fully underwritten carriers. You complete the application within our free software, then we collect the signatures and follow up on the exam and underwriting requirements on your behalf.

  • On-Demand Training. 

    We provide critical foundational training on cash-flowing your business, scripts for traditional life insurance (term, GUL etc) and final expense leads and a searchable portal where you can find answers to any questions on the fly.

  • Full-service back office team. 

    You focus on selling, we take care of everything from signature collection, exam follow up, APS ordering, collecting additional requirements and send it back to you when we receive an offer.  You have on-demand access to see where all your business with a quick search of your client's name.

  • High Commissions. 

    We pay the top level carriers will pay an agent direct and if you hit certain monthly production levels, we bonus you in leads.  We have ONE commission grid that everyone gets - no comp games at this BGA.

  • Support.

    If you have a question not in our agent portal, email support@digitalbga.com with any questions you may have - product questions, lead questions, illustration help, field underwriting assistance.  We'll get back to you within 2 hours during business hours (usually quicker). You're not in this alone.

Lead Types

Organic (Search Engine Generated)

Organic leads are generated via search engines from consumers actively searching for life insurance. This means they searched something in Google, Bing, Yahoo (wherever) and one of our sites popped up. They read the information on the site and filled out a form to see quotes and be contacted. This is the highest quality internet lead you can get.

The downside is there is limited quantity available as it’s very slow to scale

DigitalBGA generates their own SEO generated leads and partners with other websites to sell their SEO generated leads – currently we have over 4,000 exclusive SEO generated leads available every month. Exclusively available to DigitalBGA agents.

If you’re buying leads consistently, we’ll always have leads available and won’t sell to new buyers unless we have new inventory.

20% of these leads turn out to be bogus leads and that’s baked into this price. There are no refunds for bogus leads. With that said, these are still the highest quality leads you can get.

You MUST work these leads on our customized CRM detailed below. Details on the CRM are below.

You MUST work these leads on our customized CRM detailed below. Details on the CRM are below.  

Final Expense Leads

There are multiple lead platforms for Final Expense Leads, and they change often as we accelerate the winners and cut the losers.

Exclusive TV Call Ins

Our marketing department, using professional actors, scripting and commercial production make TV commercials that ignite interest in final expense life insurance.

No "state guaranteed" verbiage here. Only senior citizens who dialed our toll free number to speak with advisors (like you!) about life insurance.

Exclusive Missed TV Call Backs

Sometimes our commercials generate so much interest that our advisors cannot take all of the calls. The missed calls are available to our advisors to call back and generate a conversation.

Pay Per Click Generated Leads

These leads are generated by buying targeted consumer traffic to a website.

DigitalBGA pays for ads in Google and other media sources and send them to a landing page. These visitors fill out a quote form and that lead data is sent to you in real time.

15% of these leads turn out to be bogus leads and that’s baked into this price.

Currently we’re running our Pay Per Click traffic to a “no exam” focused website to increase the amount of applications that don’t require an exam.

This lead source is the most scalable and predictable. This is where we focus our time marketing, testing new sources of traffic so you don't have to. We only share successful sources of traffic once we ourselves have spent our money testing.

Customized DigitalBGA CRM

Your CRM should be your ultimate sales machine and we've created just that.​

Every telesales life insurance agent should be able to plug into a system and have the next best lead served up to them.   Then you simply click to call, disposition the lead and move on to the next lead.  Your goal every day is to make it so there are no leads to be called and you'll know you're on top of all your leads.

Do you think a system like that would change your business?

Integrating with our CRM will have an immediate impact on your sales. Every single agent that works in our CRM has told us this.

By creating workflows (automated processes within the CRM) that self-manage your leads, you’ll be exponentially efficient. You’ll call new leads quickly and often using “click to call” technology to get your contact rate on your leads high.

Your contact ratios will skyrocket using this CRM. Which means more meaningful conversations with your prospects which means more sales.

We do this through a queue-based selling platform.

Here’s how it works:

  • When a new lead enters your CRM, it pops up in your CRM at the top of your queue so you can contact them immediately. An immediate email gets sent out automatically as well.  
  • You make the phone call, then enter the end result once the call is completed (not contacted, contacted, quoted, not interested etc.). Email will be automatically sent out based on the status each lead reaches.
  • The lead you just called will come back in your queue automatically based on the CRM’s rules we’ve customized.
  • The next best lead automatically appears for you to call based on the priorities we’ve applied inside the CRM.

It sounds complicated to use, but it’s not - it’s very easy.

The power of this setup is you’re simply clicking down a list of leads. No lead will fall through the cracks and every lead will get worked appropriately.

Your goal throughout your day is to get to the end of the list so there’s no leads to be called. By doing so, you know you’re on top of all your leads.

Other features:

  • Queue based calling, click to call and call recordings

  • Email tracking. Know if your leads email bounced and if they’re opening your emails.

  • Integrated cloud based dialing. Which means there is no need to replace your current phone system and there’s no extra hardware to purchase. You just need a USB headset to plug into your computer and you’re all set.

  • Cloud based. There’s no downloads and you can log in from anywhere with an internet connection.

​This CRM technology is completely free to DigitalBGA agents.

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