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DigitalBGA develops innovative technology for the telesales life insurance agent

The Technology

Working internet life insurance leads is about letting your prospects self-direct as much as possible...with the help of an agent.

The most efficient and successful digital life insurance agents combine outbound calls with automated emails and texts allowing your prospects to choose their desired means of communication.

It’s about having technology that automates as much of the contact process as possible, then simplifies the process of applying for life insurance for both you and your clients.

We develop our technology around improving these key principles:

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    1. Contact percentages

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    2. Sales of those contacts

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    3. Placement of those sales

By increasing these 3 growth levers in an agents business, we make agents more profitable simply by using our technology - it doesn’t matter the lead source.

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Our Technology Is Community Influenced

At our core, we consider ourselves a tech and marketing company more than an actual BGA. We actually refer to ourselves internally as the “anti-BGA”, we just happen to get our revenue from the BGA model instead of charging for our technology.

With that said, we’re always asking for feedback and then innovating based on that feedback from our agents and staff on the front lines.

We can’t rely on the life insurance companies to innovate. We can’t rely on 3rd party technology companies to build CRM’s in a way that would make everyone more profitable.

DigitalBGA has taken the stance that we need to innovate. And our technology wouldn’t be as great as it is without the constant feedback from our users and staff.

Bottom Line

We have complete control over our technology. What does that mean to you?

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    You’ll get more profitable every month that goes by with each new feature we launch.  

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    Our developers are constantly working on new features requested by our agent base (and staff).

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    Anything to make the process of selling or processing life insurance easier or faster, we add it to our development queue.

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    We have an amazing team of developers and leadership that is future focused.

It’s no wonder some of the highest producing agents and agencies in the country have left their current BGA/IMO to partner with us.  They simply make more money.

Come grow with us.

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