Life Insurance Sales Systems [Turn Key & Vetted]

Life Insurance Sales Systems [Turn Key & Vetted]

Looking for a turn key life insurance sales system that streamlines your tasks, provides efficient client management, helps you capitalize on high-quality, real-time leads, has your bottom line in mind, AND mows your lawn? Talk about hitting the jackpot.

In a time when technology has provided us with tools to work at lightning speed while multi-tasking across multiple screens, it’s no surprise that independent agents are looking for a turn key life insurance sales system that they can easily plug into.

Any agent who has tried to string together a CRM, phone and email systems and reporting tools know that it’s incredibly difficult, time-consuming and expensive to achieve. Nevermind having a system that also assists with quoting and underwriting…forget about it!

When a system works for you, not only does it streamline repetitive, time-consuming tasks, but it also helps you close more deals, sell the right products, maintain client relationships, expand your business and more.

Given the headaches involved, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of sales systems being marketed to life insurance agents. The problem, however, is that not many of them are worth your time, and more importantly, money.

The Problems With Typical Life Insurance Sales Systems

Most “automated” life insurance sales systems available on the market are not the highest quality. Think about it: If an insurance company has put together a proprietary system and it works well, they are most likely going to keep it in-house for their own agents instead of selling it to their competition.

This is why many agents that leave a call center environment are shocked to discover how tough it can be to make it independently.

In an effort to diversify revenue streams, however, and to fill this need in the marketplace, there are still “watered down” and “over-hyped” systems to choose from.

The issues that we’ve seen with these systems include:

  1. They require a lot of upfront capital
  2. They act as a way to recruit new agents to come in-house
  3. They make money by selling you leads
  4. They make you sell high-margin products that they get high overwrites on (products that may be much harder to close)
  5. If they have a proprietary CRM system, they have insight into all of your customer activity (read why that’s bad here)
  6. Training and support can be questionable resulting in high failure rates

A Turn-Key Life Insurance Sales System That Works

The Digital BGA Virtual Sales Agent (VSA) Program is less like a sales system and more like a successful business that independent agents can plug into. It’s an efficient machine that’s had the kinks ironed out by seasoned internet agents and marketers. It is a program designed to help agents focus on what they do best, closing.

The VSA Program was built to maximize the success of agents whether they are fresh out of a call center or have experience working independently. It was also built by veterans of the industry who have collectively sold over 10,000 policies by phone and understand that non-revenue producing tasks are a time suck.

For independent agents who would prefer to navigate the internet landscape with a team of experts behind them, the VSA Program is available without spending any money upfront.

So how is our turn-key life insurance sales system different than others?

We provide the BEST quality, high-value internet life insurance leads available at no cost to you

The 750+ real-time exclusive leads that you will work every month would normally cost $15/each or $11,250 per month plus all technology costs. We take care of all of these costs for you, and there is no cap to the amount of leads you’re able to work.

With an advanced commission structure of 20%-35% of annual commissionable premium (depending on product), this is a real six figure home-based opportunity.

As a new VSA, you will also be calling the same leads as our veteran VSA’s. This is a level playing field for everyone and the opportunity is limitless.

**If owning your leads is your preferred method, contact us to discuss that option.

We provide a comprehensive, efficient sales system to support each lead

The system we’ve put together blends the best of proprietary and 3rd party technology. We’ve built our own internal portal through Digital BGA that provides a searchable database of resources and training, as well as a field underwriting search tool. In addition, we’ve assembled the best in 3rd-party phone, CRM, email and text systems for all client and sales communications.

Beyond having the building blocks in place that you can plug into, we also provide the knowledge of what to say, when to say it, and how to use the right tools to deliver the right message to each client.

We provide on-demand sales, marketing, product & field underwriting training

When you join the VSA Program, we immediately give you foundational training that will cut your learning curve dramatically and give you confidence moving forward. Through mentorship, a hands-on sales manager, and an internal instant messaging platform, you’ll have a team of people who support you on the fast-track to success.

As you gain more experience, we help you develop efficiency in our systems, avoid bad habits, refine your sales scripting, and know exactly how to field underwrite our carriers. With decades of experience behind us, we can diagnose any inefficiencies in your process, help you adjust course, and increase your sales.

So what’s the catch?

We get it, it seems too good to be true, so let’s get down to business here. You will remain an independent life insurance agent, and we will be your support system. This means that although you are your own boss, we have standards in place that you must adhere to in order to maximize your success.

At the end of the day, your success is our success, so we invest in you just like you invest in us.

Think of us like your high-speed racing school — we provide the Audi R8, the race track, and support, and you put the pedal to the metal.

In order to be admitted into and stay in our VSA Program, we ask you maintain the following requirements:

  1. All client and sales communications will be handled within our technology
  2. Adhere to a set of lead calling standards, including 3 hours of talk time OR 150 dials
  3. Be licensed in 35 States to start at your own expense
  4. Carry active E&O

By following our standards, calling on our quality leads and using our superior sales systems, we expect you to hit $20,000 in placed premium within four months. Wouldn’t you say that sounds better than sitting in a call center or paying out of pocket to put your own complex sales system in place? We think so too.

To take advantage of the only turn key life insurance sales system built by agents for agents, learn more about our VSA Program and apply to get into the next training class.